Facebook Ads

Clients need to define, who they want to reach. Based on factors such as interests, age, location and more. We show their ads to the people most likely to be interested in their products, services.


Advertiser chooses their product to advertise.

An Advertiser chooses a products or services, or increasing awareness of their brand name.
Advertiser need to identifies audience
The advertiser decides who whom they want to reach with their ad.
Advertiser creates ads
The advertiser creates ads to show on Facebook and must have a landing page like  website / blog / facebook page.
Facebook audience will be shown the advertisement 
We will advertise by choosing the ads to which area / targeting audience whom the advertiser selected to advertise.
What do We Charge
We Charge Depends Upon the Campaign Size.
What would be the Campaign Time
Min 10 Days, we also do organic campaign to generate more likes and views.
Can the campaign be pause.
Yes, we generally do campaigns according to the dates convenient to clients. and we do skip the campaign in holidays, Festivals for client benefit.
Can Client Change the Design and Targeted Customers sectors.
Yes, Customer can change the design of AD, and Targeted Sectors with Pre-Intimation of Same atleast 24 hours before.